Posted by manager
on 05 July 2018

By Shazia Tincowree - Marketing Manager  - Shamal Travels Ltd

Venturing out into a new country is never easy. We have our apprehension and hesitation. However with the new tech age, travelling and hazarding out could be a piece of cake. If passport and credit cards are travel essentials, smart phone is the new addition. Several travel applications are now available which you can download on your phone to ease your travel experience.

Below is my list of basic Travel Apps that will make you navigating through the unfamiliar stress-free


1.    Google Map
Probably on the most popular navigating tool, Google Map will get your from point A to point B like a breeze. With detailed and precise information, Google Map will map out the easiest and fastest way to get you to your destination while tracking down places of interest, restaurants and popular attractions so you don’t miss out while navigating through. Google Map can also be pre downloaded and use offline.


2.    Uber
Uber is the new transportation essentials for Tourist and available in mostly all major cities. If you are looking to avoid public transport hassle and opt for a more convenient and easy to access Taxi service, then Uber should on your priority. In certain cities, Uber can be cheaper and more reliable than regular taxi. Calling a cab has never been so easy, select your pick up and drop off point and with a click of a button your taxi will be on its way and you can view your driver’s details and track down the car.  While most people prefer a cashless Uber payment, you can very well opt for a cash payment.

Time out logo

3.    Time out
Time Out is one of my favorite app to use. It is a collection of every information of the city you might need put together by locals. Recently Opened restaurants, Concerts, Launch of a Store or simple things like best places to Hit during your stay, top things to do with children and the happenings. It is a travel dictionary for all categories of travelers. Whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or children, use it to maximize your stay.


4.    City Mapper
Using Public transport is the one the best way to experience a city from the inside and to help you do that City Mapper will be your guide. City Mapper is available in large cities and it takes digital map to the next level by guiding you on what is the best route to take, where the delays are, what the most appropriate train car to be in and where to stop. Giving you real time information whether you are looking to cycle, walk, ride the bus or train.

Honorable Mention


Trip Advisor: One of the most popular app used by traveler which displays the largest collection of hotel and tours reviews from holidaymakers themselves
XE Exchange: This App keeps you updated on your currency exchange rates  
Acu Weather: One of the most accurate Weather app, giving you precise weather reports
Zomato: An online restaurant search and reservation app, showcasing over a million of restaurants across 23 countries.

To make proper use of the apps, you will need a very good connection and I highly recommend investing in a local SIM card with a data package. Travel App was developed to facilitate travel and it will open up a World of possibilities for you.

Happy Exploring!!!