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Why should you book your hotels with any reliable travel agency and not online?

There are many reasons why you should book with a travel agency and not book your hotels online. Did you know that most of those retail hotel booking websites are actually travel agencies just like us. They are just using a website rather than being physically present:

Below are some reasons why it is always better to use a reliable travel agent rather than booking online:

Prices: Travel agencies can bargain with Hotels and get you the lowest possible fare. Online bookings systems always lure you in with cheap rates. But only when its time to pay that you will be shown taxes, surcharges, VAT, Service fees and you end up paying more that you had in mind. Coupled with exchange rates and credit card fees you will realise that you are not really saving.

Expertise: We are very well read and familiar with locations and positioning of hotels. We receive first hand feedbacks from our clients daily and we use this quality information to advise you whilst choosing your hotels.

Group discounts: There is almost no way for you to get a discount if you are traveling in a large group with online systems. But travel agencies can get you special rates.

Modifications and Cancellations: Often with online systems, if you make changes to your flights or sudden unforeseen circumstances arise you are unable to modify your hotel bookings. But travel agencies can make changes and adjust your bookings even at the last minute.

Special Requests: No online booking system guarantees you that your special request will be delivered to you upon arrival. But when you book with Travel Agencies you can rest assured that we will get you your special requests.

Credit Card Safety: Aren't you worried about posting your credit card and personal information on multiple websites. Keep your credit card and identity safe and pay with your trusted travel agent and let us worry about payment.

Airport Transfers: Travelling from the airport to your hotel is also part of your trip. Often people neglect this aspect and just get an expensive taxi. Often these services are provided by on site tour operators for very much less than you would pay for a taxi. Using a reliable travel agent will greatly simplify your life and make you save.