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By Ajmal Tincowree : Agency Manager for Shamal Travels Ltd

The wedding day is fast approaching and you still have a mountain of things to take care of. Expenses and quotes falling from the sky like torrential rain. Organising and completing a wedding can be a real eye opening moment. No wonder you are exhausted on the wedding day and need a month of vacation afterwards. Amidst all these record breaking feats of organising your perfect wedding, you often forget to think about one of the most important part of a wedding… What about the honeymoon? Well lucky for you, Rodrigues is nearby. Rodrigues this small paradise island only 618km away is the ideal location for your honeymoon. Here is why:

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L’île aux Cocos is one of the most visited island within Rodrigues. Undeniably with its rare sea birds and heavenly beaches, travelers are always stunned at the sight of this sanctuary.