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This 5-star tropical retreat in Stone Town, Zanzibar, offers a luxurious escape for families and couples. The 4-night adventure includes daily breakfast and a guided tour of the historic wonders of Stone Town.
Seychelles: Mahe & Praslin
This 5-night Seychelles Bliss package offers a romantic and adventure-filled journey through Mahe and Praslin. Guests will stay at 3-star Le Relax Mahe and Bliss Hotel Praslin, with a curated itinerary and seamless transfers.
Experience the allure of Seychelles, a captivating Indian Ocean retreat for families and couples. Choose between the 3-star Le Relax or the intimate 4-star Bliss Hotel for a 4-night escape to the enchanting island of Mahe. Your package features comfortable accommodation, daily breakfast, and seamless airport transfers for a stress-free experience. Delve into Seychelles' wonders with a full day Mahe tour, creating lasting memories. Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in Seychelles' beauty and create cherished moments with loved ones.
The breathtaking sceneries of Reunion Island, which is situated in the Indian Ocean, include beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes. We do provide a variety of hotel packages, ranging from three-star to five-star options, to suit different interests and tastes.