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Mobile Apps: Fly with Confidence: Navigating Cyclonic Disruptions and Staying Informed Throughout the Year

At Shamal Travels, customer experience lies at the core of our commitment. We understand that major weather disruptions, such as cyclones, can be stressful for travelers. However, rest assured that when it comes to air travels, we have stringent procedures and rules in place to ensure our customers have the best travel experiences.

Your dedicated Shamal Travels consultant is at your disposal to ensure that any delays and flight changes are communicated to you promptly. In our highly digitized age, knowledge is just a text away. Airlines have developed travel apps, among the most notable being CheckMyTrip by Amadeus and ViewTrip by TravelPort. These apps prove to be practical tools, offering real-time notifications for your flights and keeping you informed about any updates made by the airlines. You’ll even receive alerts for gate changes and other essential travel information, making them underrated yet highly useful tools for any traveler.


App 1 : CheckMyTrip : Amadeus :

App 2 : ViewTrip :TravelPort :


Cyclonic Travel Disruptions: How to Stay Informed and Flexible

Monitor Weather Updates:

Keep an eye on weather updates and stay informed about the cyclone’s path and intensity. Airlines may need to adjust schedules or cancel flights due to adverse weather conditions. Stay flexible with your travel plans and be prepared for changes.

Check Flight Status Regularly:

Before heading to the airport, regularly check the status of your flight. Airlines provide real-time updates on their websites or through mobile apps. Stay connected to receive notifications about any changes, delays, or cancellations.

Contact the Airline or Your Travel Organizer in Advance:

If you suspect that your flight might be affected by the cyclone, contact customer service in advance. Airlines have policies in place to assist passengers during severe weather events, offering rebooking options or providing information on alternative flights.

Plan for Potential Delays:

Understand that cyclonic conditions can lead to delays. Plan for extra time at the airport and consider potential disruptions to connecting flights. If you have a tight itinerary, it might be wise to allow for a buffer in case of delays.


With Shamal Travels, rest assured that we are dedicated to providing you with the necessary information and support during any travel disruptions caused by cyclones. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.