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Royal Caribbean – Greece, Croatia & Turkey Cruise

Embark on a 6-night cruise from Ravenna, Italy, exploring Split, Croatia, and a day at sea. Discover the charm of Mykonos and the ancient wonders of Ephesus, Turkey. Enjoy the stunning beauty of Santorini before concluding your journey in Athens, Greece. Departure on October 5, 2024, with Interior Cabins starting at Mur 35,000. Experience a perfect blend of cultural exploration and relaxation in the heart of the Mediterranean.


Greece - Croatia - Turkey


6 Nights 7 Days

Travel Period

5 October 2024



  • Day 1: Ravenna (Venice), Italy

    Explore the enchanting city of Ravenna, boasting captivating hidden gems and eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. Immerse yourself in its rich history as the former capital of the Western Roman Empire, fostering skilled craftsmen and artists. Spend a few days discovering breathtaking architecture, from early Christian mosaics to majestic churches and palaces. Conveniently located just over two hours from Venice by car, Ravenna offers a unique blend of off-the-beaten-path charm and easy access to iconic destinations. Wander through Venice’s cultural treasures, ride a gondola beneath the Rialto Bridge, or take a one-hour car ride to Bologna for culinary delights and stunning views from Asinelli Tower. Cruising from Ravenna allows you to experience both hidden gems and renowned destinations.

  • Day 2: Split, Croatia

    Situated along the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, Split is renowned for its charming features: terracotta roofs, whitewashed buildings, a palm tree-lined promenade, and azure waters. The city boasts a rich history, hosting landmarks like Diocletian’s Palace and the 4th-century Cathedral of Saint Domnius, both commissioned for the Roman emperor. Despite its historical allure, Split seamlessly blends the past with the present, offering a vibrant atmosphere with modern restaurants, bars, and shops that attract a steady stream of tourists. With a Mediterranean climate blessing it with over 2,600 hours of sunshine annually, Split is a perfect destination for a Croatia cruise. Explore the city’s stunning beaches, including Bacvice and Kastelet, which beckon visitors year-round with their sunny allure.

  • Day 3: Cruising

    Play Any Way You Like! Enjoy activities on-board your Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

  • Day 4: Mykonos (Greece)

    Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades archipelago in Greece, Mykonos pulsates with an infectious vitality. Characterized by its white-washed houses, glistening blue waters, and a lively nightlife, this Island of the Winds reflects the vibrancy of its local community. Wander through narrow marble pathways adorned with vibrant purple bougainvillea or explore the less-traveled Ano Mera village on two wheels. Delve into Greece’s maritime history at Armenistis Lighthouse and peruse the Folklore Museum’s collection of Mykonian ship models. Whether immersing yourself in the exuberant beach scene at Super Paradise or enjoying a sunset at a seaside taverna overlooking the Aegean, Mykonos offers a kaleidoscope of experiences.

  • Day 5: Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey

    The UNESCO World Heritage site of Ephesus leaves a lasting impression, even on those well-acquainted with ancient cities worldwide. Despite 150 years of excavation, only 20 percent of the city has been revealed. Explore the Celsus Library, constructed in 117 A.D., featuring towering columns and a statue of the goddess of wisdom. Ephesus cruises offer a glimpse into Turkish life with walks along the seafront promenade and the lively city center. Traverse Marble Street, paved with authentic marble slabs, connecting downtown to the Temple of Artemis, where a lone column stands from this ancient wonder.

  • Day 6: Santorini (Greece)

    Santorini, among the world’s most sought-after islands, is famed for its striking landscapes, whitewashed villages, and vibrant volcanic activity. Above the Aegean Sea, adventure unfolds in bold and breathtaking ways. Fira, the bustling cliff-top capital accessed by a cable car, invites exploration with its ancient cathedrals, captivating museums, and charming tavernas. Along the coast, indulge in a swim in the deep blue waters caressing red and black pebbled beaches. Uncover layers of lava and history at the excavated site of Akrotiri, whether by bicycle, ATV, or your own two feet, ensuring an impressive exploration of this Cyclades gem.

  • Day 7: Athens (Piraeus), Greece

    Athens serves as a captivating portal to Greece’s formidable ancient civilization. Art enthusiasts, culinary connoisseurs, and history aficionados will revel in the charm of this picturesque city, adorned with ancient ruins, museums, and tavernas. A mere 10 minutes from the port, the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus boasts sculptures spanning from the Bronze Age to the Romans. Stroll to Zea Harbour, where the Hellenic Maritime Museum vividly resurrects the splendor of ancient Greek naval prowess. Embark on an Athens cruise and unwind at the quaint Mikrolimano harbor, savoring grilled octopus and chilled white wine at a seaside restaurant.

Package Includes

Accommodations: Your stateroom or cabin is included in the fare. The type of room you choose (inside, oceanview, balcony, suite) will affect the cost.
Meals: Most cruise lines include meals in the main dining rooms and buffets. Specialty restaurants may have an additional fee.
Entertainment: Access to onboard entertainment, such as shows, musical performances, and other activities, is usually included.
Onboard Activities: Many onboard activities and facilities, like fitness centers, pools, and sports facilities, are included in the fare.
Children’s Programs: Many cruise lines offer supervised children’s programs as part of the fare. Room Service: Basic room service is often included, though some cruise lines may charge for certain items or during specific hours.
Port Taxes and Fees

Package Excludes

Air Ticket
Alcoholic and Specialty Beverages
Shore Excursions
Wi-Fi and Internet Access
Spa Services and Fitness Classes
Specialty Dining
Travel Insurance

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  • Ticket conditions are communicated at times of booking.
  • Visa fees are non-refundable whether approved or rejected.
  • Check your passport expiry date before travelling (6 months after the return date).
  • Please note that the itineraries and combinations are numerous and can be tailored according to your needs and budget.
  • Any further local conditions shall be communicated to you upon booking.
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