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Traditional Japan With Saporo




10 Nights 11 Days

Travel Period

Until 31st Aug



Osaka – Mount Koya – Kyoto – Nikko – Sendai – Matshushima – Morioka – Aomori – Hakodate – Onuma – Sapporo

  • Day 1: Arrival

    Arrival. Welcome to Japan! Transfer to the hotel and free time. You will receive information about the start of the circuit during the afternoon.

  • Day 2: Osaka - Mount Koya.

    12.00hrs- We will depart Osaka to visit, MOUNT KOYA, one of Japan’s sacred mountains and Japan’s main centre of Shingon Buddhism. There are 120 shrines and monasteries on this mountain which is a magical place of pilgrimage. We will visit Okuno Mausoleum, a spiritual place and an immense cemetery in the wilderness that has more than 200,000 graves. We will visit Kongobuji temple, built in 1593.

    Note: In winter, as it gets dark earlier, we will not have time to enter Kongobuji temple.

    We will spend this night at a Buddhist monastery. The monks will offer us a Zen meditation session (Ajikan). Supper included (vegetarian food).There is religious ceremony at the temple early in the morning if you wish to attend it.

  • Day 3: Mount Koya - Kyoto

    Total distance: 130km.

    Japanese breakfast at the temple.
    07.30hrs- We leave early for Kyoto.

    10.00hrs- KYOTO, we spend the whole day in the city, which was the capital of Japan between 794 and 1868 and home to the Imperial Court. During World War II the city was the only major Japanese to escape the bombardments, and so it still preserves its wealth of artistic heritage; the famous protocol restricting greenhouse gas emissions was signed in Kyoto in 1997.

    The visit includes a trip to one of the most important parts of the city. We will see the marvellous Shinto Shrine of Fushimi Inari, the Imperial Palace and Kinkakuji temple, “the golden pavilion” and its wonderful gardens.

    19.00hrs– At night, a transfer to GION will be included, a busy traditional quarter famous for its Geisha. Free time. The return to the hotel will be free, we suggest you take a taxi. The guide will explain how.

  • Day 4: Kyoto - Tokyo

    After breakfast transfer to the station to take the BULLET TRAIN to Tokyo. Arrival to Tokyo after almost 500 km in just over two hours.

    Late in the afternoon, we will pay a visit to this fascinating city by taking a trip on the metro (tickets included) to the Shinjuku district and see the crowds of people who use this modern and efficient collective transport system. Shinjuku is one of the most important nightlife districts. Dinner included and return to hotel.

  • Day 5: Tokyo

    08.00 hrs.- In the morning, we take part in a 5-hour trip with our guide to see this amazing city, with its hustle and bustle and extremely modern districts that coexist with quiet, peaceful areas. Brief stop at the Zojoji Temple to make a beautiful photograph of the Tokyo Tower. Pay attention to the hundred of Jizos, stone traditional protecting deities who guide us on our travels, give power to those who are weak (such children) and those in dangerous places, and who are dressed including hats, robes and windmills. Then we head to the junction of Shibuya, a junction that is said to be the most crowded in the world. The Meiji Temple is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji, his wife, and their spirits. We continue on our bus along the elegant street of Omotesando. We will edge the most beautiful part of the Imperial Palace and the gardens. Stop to visit the famous Nijubashi Bridge. We will pass through the district of Akihabara, the “electric town” with icons from the popular Japanese Manga and Anime culture and then see Kokugikan, the Sumo stadium, home of this Japanese sport. We will also visit the Buddhist temple of Sensoji, the oldest and most important temple in Tokyo, with its 55-metre high pagoda. Then we will have some free time to visit the traditional commercial street of Nakamise in the district of Asakusa. Lunch included in a local restaurant. Return to hotel.

    Free time in the afternoon.

  • Day 6: Tokyo - Nikko - Sendai

    Total distance: 425km.
    Note: We recommend to bring comfortable shoes since in Nikko we will have to walk.

    08.00hrs- We leave Tokyo for Nikko.
    10.30hrs- NIKKO. Arrival to this fantastic where we will visit the impressive Nikko Toshogu Shrine with the room of the crying dragon. We will also visit the Taiyuinbyo Mausoleum, set in an impressive, peaceful site, followed by a walk near the river, in Kannanga Fuchi, under the watchful eye of hundreds of Jizo statues!
    Free time in the city centre for lunch and a stroll.

    15.30hrs- Nikko, departure.
    19.45hrs- SENDAI, arrival to this modern, bustling city with over 1 million inhabitants. Passengers can explore the city and have dinner in its busy, thriving centre.

  • Day 7: Sendai - Matshushima - Hiraizumi - Morioka

    Total distance: 217km.
    Landscapes of forests and mountains, wonderful in the area of the thousand islands.

    08.00hrs-We depart for the marvellous city of Matsushima.
    08.30hrs-MATSHUSHIMA, a city on the “Thousand Islands” Bay in the Pacific Ocean and considered one of the most attractive cities in Japan. After arriving, we will visit a magnificent “tea house” overlooking the sea and enjoy a cup of traditional tea while our guide tells us about the city. Then we will go on a 50-minute cruise (included).

    11.00hrs- Departure. Lunch included.
    14.00hrs.- HIRAIZUMI to visit its temples and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Takkoku no Iwaya, carved in the rock in 801, followed by a visit to the magnificent Buddhist temples of Chusonji. We take time to relax in the gardens of Motsuji temple, where passengers can take part in a Zen ceremony (admission included).

    17.15hrs- We tren carry on to Morioka.
    18.45hrs- MORIOKA, the pleasant capital of Iwate province, where we settle in at our hotel and have some free time to explore.

  • Day 8: Morioka - Hirosaki - Aomori - Hakodate

    Total distance: 197km.
    Note: We recommend you to wear warm clothing to enjoy the deck of the boat.

    07.30hrs- Departure. In a region of beautiful scenery we travel to Hirosaki.
    09.30hrs- HIROSAKI. Ancient capital cultural during the Edo period with its castle of the seventeenth century. We will visit its castle in a beautiful park where more than 2,500 cherry trees blossom in the spring.

    10.30hrs- Departure.
    11.40hrs- AOMORI, the provincial capital, located on Mutsu Bay. Time for visit to Nebuta Museum where we will learn about the Japanese festival tradition, which reminds us of the Carnival, with its vivid, painted floats. Lunch included.

    Then we board the ferry to HOKKAIDO Island, the departure of the ferry is scheduled at 14.20hrs. The crossing takes just over three and a half hours.

    18.00hrs- HAKODATE –Arrival-. Time in the beautiful city pedestrian centre in which to admire the influence of other cultures in the city (Russian Orthodox and Christian churches).

  • Day 9: Hakodate - Onuma - Noboribetsu - Sapporo.

    Total distance: 338km
    Landscapes: Beautiful landscapes. Impressive volcanic areas.
    Note: We recommend wearing comfortable shoes for walking through the Hell’s Valley.

    In the morning we visit the impressive and busy fish market. Then we climb the GORYOKAKU Tower with its impressive views, from where we can make out the star-shaped fortress of Hakodate. Then we will take a stroll through the castle area before continuing our journey.

    11.00hrs- Departure.
    11.45hrs- ONUMA. Free time in this wonderful tourist site, with its countless small islands in which to explore the islands, go on a boat trip and havelunch included.

    13.45hrs- Departure. Our journey takes us towards the ocean.
    16.15hrs- NOBORIBETSU, an impressive volcano site, where we can walk amidst geysers in Jigoku Dani (Hell’s Valley), admire the hot spring lake of Oyunuma and follow the path next to the hot spring to the site of the footbath.-

    18.30hrs- Departure.
    20.15hrs- SAPPORO.– At the end of the day, we arrive at this beautiful city, the capital of North Japan.-

  • Day 10: Sapporo -Hill Of Buddha- Otaru - Sapporo

    Total distance: 120 km.

    08.30hrs- City tour (included) stopping at the clock tower and Odori Koen avenue-park, dominated by the telecommunications tower. We will enjoy for an hour the beautiful Shinto shrine of Hokkaido Jingu. The visit includes a ceremonial Kito (prayer session) in which we give thanks for the journey.

    11.00hrs- We will leave Sapporo, we know the HILL OF BUDDHA, new center of avant-garde architecture opened in 2015, the hill covered with lavenders keeps the giant statue of Buddha, in the complex we will also see the replica of the statues Moai (Easter Island).

    12.15hrs- We continue to Otaru.
    13.00hrs- OTARU, arrival to this small city with a European air and streets filled with shops, an old canal and tiny museums. Lunch included.

    15.30hrs-Departure. We return to Sapporo at about 16.30hrs. Free time in the afternoon in Sapporo.

  • Day 11: Departure

    Airport Transfer after Breakfast

Package Includes

10 Nights Stay
Daily Breakfast
Travel by Coach with English Speaking Guide
Arrival and Departure Transfer
City Tour in: Kyoto, Tokyo, Sapporo
Excursion: Otaru and Hill of Buddha
Boat: Cruise in Matshushima
Evening Transfer: Traditional quarter of Gion, Shinjuku
Ticket admission: Okuno Mausoleum,Kongobuji Temple and Ajikan or Zazen meditation in Mount Koya, Shrine of Fushimi Inari, Imperial Palace, Kinkaku-ji Temple , Metro , Zojoji Temple, Meiji Temple, Sensoji Temple , Tshogu Temple in Nikko, Taiyuinbyo Mausoleum , Traditional tea in Matshushima , Chusonji, Zen practice in Montsuiji, Takkoku no Iwaya Temple , Castle , Nebuta Museum in Aomori , Goryokaku Tower in Hakodate , Sanctuary of Hokkaido Jingu and Kito prayer session , Ainu Village Museum (Pirko Kotan)
Ferry: Aomori Hakodate (Hokkaido Island)
High Speed Train: Kyoto-Tokyo
5 Lunch Included in: Tokyo, Matsushima, Aomori, Onuma, Sapporo
2 Dinner included in: Mount Koya, Tokyo

Package Excludes

Air Ticket

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