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Our Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel a purchased trip package within 15 days, you may be eligible for an immediate refund. After deducting the agent’s fee and the cancellation fee, there is any money left over on; it will be returned to the visitor within 7 to 15 working days after the guest submitting the cancellation request. Based on what packaged you purchased, various refund procedures apply. More information may be found by clicking apply for the refund.

Any bank fees associated with the refund, whether made to the customer’s credit account or a bank account, are deducted from the refunds. There will be no repayment or reduction given to any tour participant in respect of airfare, accommodations, meals, guided tours, transportation, or any other facilities included within the trip fare out but which are not used by tour person due to some personal reasons, regardless of the reason for the non-utilization.

Our Cancellation Policy

All trips will be operated as stated, but because they are planned months, we may have to make modifications or cancel your ticket; we retain the power to do that at any moment. However, If you want to cancel your trip you can cancel it before 10 days of commencement of trip.

No responsibility for minor changes

If we make an insignificant modification to your travel, we will make reasonable attempts to notify you or the travel agency as early as humanly feasible.


If we make a minor modification to your trip, we shall make reasonable attempts to notify you or your travel agency as soon as reasonably feasible if there is still time before your leave, but we will have no responsibility to you. Examples of trivial adjustments include rescheduling your flights by less than 12 hours, changing the aircraft type, switching from one kind of lodging to another of the same or better quality, making minor modifications to your daily schedule, and switching airlines.

We may be required to make substantial changes to the agreements you have made with us from time to time. Before leaving, the following are examples of “major modifications” that may be made

You will have the option of choosing one of the following compensation options from the Tour Operator if the Tour Operator cancels your Tour before the scheduled departure date for any reason other than Force Majeure, and your negligence or fault did not cause the cancellation.

Alternatively, any of its agents are willing to take responsibility for any incurred due to the postponed booking failures that you may incur. This includes but is not limited to visas, vaccinations, flights, and rail tickets that are non-refundable and other fees such as car parking and other fees that are non-refundable. The Tour Operator retains the right to problem a complete refund in lieu of the options listed above at its sole discretion. When a significant aspect of a Tour as stated is unable to be delivered after leaving, the Tour Operator shall make appropriate alternate plans as soon as is reasonably practicable. If not feasible to offer you an acceptable alternative, or if you fairly reject any excellent options, the Travel Agency may, at its option, provide you a refund for any unused goods or services that you have purchased.