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The Salon du Prêt-à-Partir 2023 – Making a Mark with Shamal Travels

Shamal Travels took center stage at the Salon du Prêt-à-Partir 2023, standing out as a prominent exhibitor following Air Mauritius. The expansive booth occupied by Shamal Travels mirrored the size of the national carrier, boasting over 20 direct points of contact for instant confirmation on tailor-made packages. This setup required significant resources, but we were well-prepared to efficiently cater to our customers and guests, ensuring a seamless experience akin to our office service.

Our stand served as an extension of our office, embodying our values and showcasing our commitment to excellence. Engaging with over 25,000 people, we distributed tens of thousands of brochures and goodies. Notably, we successfully sold numerous packages at promotional prices during this bustling event. The remarkable ability of our team to manage these tailor-made packages under the pressure of such a massive gathering attest to the tenacity and exceptional work culture at Shamal Travels.

A sincere thank you to all our customers, guests, and visitors who joined us at Salon du Prêt-à-Partir 2023. Your presence fuels our dedication to delivering excellence. We are thrilled to unveil the new edition of our Exceptional Experiences brochure for 2023-2024, featuring 120 meticulously curated packages across 225 travel categories. These packages encompass highly sought-after destinations and emerging cities, now more accessible than ever.

At Shamal Travels, the possibilities for packages are limitless. Our team is enthusiastic about crafting and tailoring packages to meet your unique preferences and needs. Whether it’s private charters or exclusive event tickets, we are committed to making the impossible possible.

Customer experience is the cornerstone of Shamal Travels. We are on a mission to redefine travel for Mauritian passengers, emphasizing exceptional value and ensuring every holiday is extraordinary. Our team of experienced and highly skilled consultants is ready to assist you in creating unforgettable memories worldwide.

A special thanks to Travelport and MediGence for shaping the future of travel alongside us. Let’s embark on this journey of limitless possibilities together.