Traveling always creates some sort of anxiety, the preparation of getting everything together and we often get carried away with all of these and forget that proper budgeting can save you tons while you paying for the same stuff. Properly managing your money while traveling isn’t about not spending, or reducing the value of the stuff you are going to need. It is about making sure you are paying the right price, not paying unnecessary exploitative premiums, getting politely scammed, or overpaying for stung just because you are not in the proper state to make the correct divisions.

  • Don’t change money at the airport: the exchange rates at airport arrivals have some of the highest markups unimaginable. Visitors who just arrived in the county often grasp the challenge of finding some cash to pay for the cab ride to their accommodation and they end up changing more cash than they need. This practice sometimes makes you lose up to 20% on the value due to the ridiculously high rates you just paid. Change just as must as you might need; maybe a 50usd note.
  • Don’t put all your cash in one bucket; always split the money into 3 parts. If it you keep some cash in your wallets that is your day-to-day expenses.
  • Walking around money: That money you will use to pay for cabs, food, and drink, and basic day-to-day cost. You budget normally between around 50-80usd per day which would be plenty. Souvenirs are from your walking around money whatever you save is your bonus of the day that you spend away on the stuff you want but know you don’t need. The stuff you need is below.
  • Your shopping money: this is cash you have identified for shopping. For the stuff, you went buy. Often the expensive stuff; like watches, shoes, and so on.
  • Your peace of mind: that could be some sort of backup cash like 200 people that you set aside in your hotel safe or somewhere else that keeps you solvent in case things go really bad. You lose your wallet, get pickpockets or you are just so drunk you leave it somewhere you cannot remember.
  • Mall are here to lure you in but not to make your trip worthwhile: we will all somehow be drawn into the constricted addiction we developed when we see the huge malls and go from one shop to the next. Remember you paid a very high daily premium per day to be a guest in your dream cities while rich cultural experiences are passing you by while you spend your day looking at the different brands of prices of this one shoe. If you like something you have your shopping money, just bloody buy it and get back to exploring. The value of your trip will be worth more with each passing minute spent discovering. So instead of trying to rescue the cost of your trip, why not make it go up in value? It sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?
  • Use you credit card (keep your cash) : yes big question whether to use or not to use your credit card while travelling. Well credit card are pretty sage but of course we will not recommend you using your American express buying tacos in some shady food shack under a bridge somewhere. So be a bit logical, avoid using the cars is all places. But should you find yourself in premium shops, or big attractions PR at the airport; sure credit card would be the way to go. Conserve your cash! Who know you might find yourself back with your credit card used and you got cash. Not you get the choice, not necessarily overspend but have a really that peace of mind about cash whole travelling.
  • Spend on experiences and don’t get carried away into things you don’t need: want to take a premium taxi? Or upgrade to the superior room? Go for it! These are things that will remain with you forever. It will make accustomed to certain type of lifestyle, make you ambitious and make you think of the next trip. How to make it bigger, how to make it better! Actives and tours are very important too, lets not forget that part.
  • Plan your day every morning or the night before; don’t let yourself be drawn into wasting time be doing things that everyone is, or seller trying to pack and sell your stuff. Use site and plan the next coming day. Make sure to make each day count, remember you paid a daily premium to be in this city. And the commodity you have is time which is endless diminishing. This will allow you to properly plan your transportation, your entrance ticket and major spending always a day in advance.
  • Lte shamal travels help you: we planned your itinerary everyday for when you are travelling. if you are traveling for a 10-day trip top Bangkok with as many days of activate as required. You reach your destination with a detailed program of activities already prepaid and precooked at the best possible rate. All you have to do is wake up, dress up, and show up. This allows you unbelievable peace of mind.

There is no set way to do things perfectly when it comes to money. We all have the same process but remember while you may be too focused on trying to things that you buy and bring you, your precious holiday time is fleeting along, and perhaps what promises to be the trip of a lifetime ends up becoming another mall spree.