Rodrigues is an extraordinary blend of the old, reminiscent of the calm pace of life in Mauritius during the 80s. The serene atmosphere, classic shops, and prevailing conviviality create a unique destination. In Rodrigues, everyone knows everyone, making it a place where modernity and shopping take a back seat. Rodrigues is where life slows down, prompting you to appreciate the simplicity of life and indulge in moments of reflection.

During one of our regular educational trips worldwide, our team had the pleasure of visiting this majestic city. We are excited to showcase their beautiful getaway through captivating photos and videos.

Check out their itinerary below:

Day 1:

Arrival at Koki Boner, enjoying a family-style dinner with live band entertainment.

Day 2:

Witnessed the sunrise from the beach, followed by a breakfast before embarking on a trail to visit the 5 creeks of Rodrigues.

Explored the 52-turn road, concluding with lunch at Chez Perle, a home-based restaurant offering farm-to-table authentic Creole cuisine.

Visited Cavernee Patate and Francois Leguat, spending the night at Les Rosier, where they experienced unmatched warmth and hospitality.

Day 3:

Toured different hotels and guesthouses, including Tekoma, Villa Paradis, Au Temp D’antan, Villa Vetiver, and Cotton Bay.

Explored places in the capital, Port Mathurin, like Reine Rodriguaise, offering a panoramic view of the capital.

Ended the day watching the sunset from a hilltop overlooking Port Mathurin.

Day 4:

Visited the local market at the bazaar, experiencing the vibrant market scene, purchasing local products, and interacting with merchants.

Explored the tourism authority office to learn about Rodrigues’ mission in promoting sustainable tourism.

Enjoyed lunch at La Plage Resto in the heart of the capital.

Explored Mourouk Beach and watched kite surfing, then headed to the Suspendu Bridge, walking the Nepalese bridge and having the chance to bungee jump off the bridge.